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As a mother of two children, I came to a cross-road in my life when my youngest started secondary school.  I had run an Ironing Service for 15 years and decided that I couldn't see myself doing that for the rest of my life!  After a lot of soul searching I came to the decision to have a career change and go to college to train as a Beauty Therapist.  For me, meeting new people and helping them to feel good about themselves was the perfect job.  In a society which is both demanding and fast paced I feel that this profession has an essential place; in terms of relaxing and theraputic qualities and it's ability to enhance an individual's sense of calm, wellbeing and self confidence.

After 2 years of training at Runshaw College, I qualified in 2006 and decided to go it alone and set up a salon at home.  Over the years I have attended evening classes to add new treatments to my menu, enjoying the variety of courses and both the practical and theoretical knowledge I acquired.  When I commit myself to learning a new treatment I like to know everything about it.  

I still want to increase my knowledge base and have recently complete a course in Hot Stone Massage and Aromatherapy.  My learning won't stop there though, I will continue to study new treatments and update my skills to keep up with any changes in the industry.

Client care is very important to me and I aim to offer bespoke treatments that are tailored to the needs of the individual, thus allowing me to provide a more personalised service.

I am passionate about working within the Beauty Therapy Industry and believe that this is shown in my services. 

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